Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Another New Top Header Set!

This is an exciting set which has nothing to do with Halloween. It's a set I created for a personal web site and decided to release here because it's that cool. My web site deals with a certain online web host's webpage builder and the photo I used from Morguefile reflects the technical nature of my site. It is actually similar to what I have now but without the hands and in a totally different color scheme.

The photo is from member "justcola" of a keyboard in shadows. I don't know if he/she used a filter or maybe a paint software to color the photo but it's in blues. I thought the photo was so good I downloaded it knowing I'd use it for a set, whether my own or for Arride Graphics. I ended up doing both.

So, check out the set yourself. I call it "Coolin'" and it's set number 308. Go to the Top Headers page to view the thumbnail and click it to go to the page itself. Remember to use the username and password provided on the page. It'll open in a new window.


Thursday, October 12, 2006

New Halloween Side Border Backgrounds!

You know, I'm sure I made these two backgrounds last year but since I got started so late I didn't release them then. You now have the chance to make a neat Halloween web site or web page with either or both of these side border backgrounds that I call "Jolly Jack One" and "Jolly Jack Two."

These two backgrounds feature a smiling jack o' lantern on the left side on a black background, natch, with tiny pumpkins rimming the border. The difference between the two backgrounds is Jolly Jack Two has a couple of sinister glowing eyes peering above the jack o' lantern. The choice is yours.

View the thumbnails and access the backgrounds on page 5 of the side border backgrounds section. These are linkware so please link back to Arride Graphics on every page the background is used by either a link button or a text link. Thank you!

Thursday, October 05, 2006

New Top Header Set!

As I mentioned in the previous post, this is one of two sets I was working on in September which I call "Watching Grass Grow." It was created from three photos by two photographers who offer their wares at Morguefile, one of my favorites places on the 'Net to obtain free or inexpensive stock photos.

This set has the three photos as a top header and comes with two custom color tiles that match the colors in the photos. The dark tile is not exactly black and the light tile is not exactly white, although you can substitute standard web-safe color codes for the graphic tiles if you wish. There are no other graphics such as navigation buttons, bullets or page dividers. All of the graphics are zipped up for you and have no watermarks as in the page sample.

For personal and non-profit web sites or users, except web designers or developers hired to create those web sites, it is free of charge. For professional, commercial or hired web designers/ developers, there is a small user license fee. Please see the Fees page for prices. Everyone must read the Terms of Use page for details before downloading this set.

All copyrights to the photos belong to the photographers.

Click here to view the thumbnail image of "Watching Grass Grow" and see the download page at the Top Header Page.