Wednesday, August 20, 2008

New Desktop Wallpaper!

As promised earlier this week, a new graphic in the form of desktop wallpapers are here to decorate your computer monitor. I whipped this one up from a photograph I took of nasturtium flowers in my garden. Sometimes I fiddle with photographs using Virtual Painter in Paint Shop Pro, but this time I left it untouched. So what you see is what I took.

A little bit of info about nasturtiums: these are orange flowers, but they come in other colors, too. I also had some in a light yellow or cream color. Nasturtium is also known as tropaeolum. The young leaves, flowers and unripe seed pods are edible, having a peppery flavor like watercress, and can be used in salads for color.* They're really easy to grow and re-seed themselves. Unfortunately, for me anyway, snails and slugs love to eat them, too, so I had to remove them to avoid having to deal with those slimy critters; nevermind eating any of the flowers after they've nibbled on them. Yuck!

The desktop wallpapers come in four sizes to fit monitors in most of the common resolutions my visitors use. So go to the fifth wallpapers page to download one of them. Remember, they must be saved to your desktop or your computer's hard drive, or set as wallpaper directly. They're not meant to be used as web page backgrounds.

* Information on nasturtiums: Sunset Western Garden Book, 1995

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