Thursday, February 03, 2011

New Desktop Wallpaper: Bleeding Hearts

Despite seeing double right now, I managed to put together a new desktop wallpaper for you. In fact, I'm using it myself because I'm wishing for spring to come sooner than later. It is also appropriate to display for Valentine's Day!

The original photograph for the desktop wallpaper comes from and was created by a member called westminister. It's an image of the pretty flower called bleeding hearts. The drooping pink-and-white flowers do look like hearts.

What I did was surround the flowers with a nice frame, creating a dreamy image. Then the image was re-sized to six resolution sizes. All done with Paint Shop Pro Photo X2.

Go to Wallpapers 5 to find the thumbnail image and download links. And remember, these graphics are for your computer's desktop, not for web pages!

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