Saturday, February 24, 2007

New Desktop Wallpaper Experiments with Calendars!

I decided to try out calendar desktop wallpapers for this year. Starting out with March, it's a kite decorating the calendar. You'll notice the casual look. I tried hard not to strive for perfect alignment of the numbers. The boxes aren't exactly in line either. I made the kite with Paint Shop Pro 7. It's not made from a dingbat font nor clipart nor tubes, for that matter. The font, in case you're wondering, is called Eskargot by Apostrophic Lab. You can find it at (PC and Mac), Apostrophic Lab at (#0156 PC and Mac) or Typoasis (PC only).

Each month I'll pick out a theme to decorate the wallpaper and release it a few days before the month starts. This will be an experimental year. If it's popular, I may continue it for next year.

To view and download the appropriate size for your desktop, click here to go to the Wallpapers 4 page. Note that the sizes are bit larger in length from the standard for 800 and 1024 width wallpapers. The 1280 width is 1024 long.

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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Kagi Now Offers PayPal

Just about a month ago Kagi announced that PayPal will be another payment option for buyers. What that means for you, my visitors, is that you have more ways than ever to pay for a non-exclusive or exclusive set license from Arride Graphics! What that means for me is now I don't have to open a separate PayPal merchant account to give you another option of paying, although Kagi already has many options to pay for all visitors from around the world.

Just select PayPal when you go through the checkout process. If you don't already have a personal PayPal account, go to (Be sure a locked icon appears in the status bar of your browser and that your address bar shows the above URL with the https and PayPal "P" favicon next to it to assure you're at the real PayPal web site, or type in the above URL in a new window.)

Shortly, I will be changing the look of the web site and will begin offering the first exclusive set. I still need to work out how each set will be presented in the Kagi order form. But the non-exclusive set licenses are ready to go now with the new fee schedule in place. Additionally, I will not be able to put text on navigation buttons, header graphics and do the JavaScript for rollover buttons, so those fees are removed.

I have other offerings in mind to have at Arride Graphics. Whether or not I'll implement those, we'll see.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Side Border Web Graphic Set: Pretty Pink Roses!

Something for a little girl's page? Maybe for your wedding page? This web page graphic set is pretty in pink roses.

Created with PSP tubes and a little touch of Virtual Painter, it comes with the left side border background graphic, a blank header graphic, a page divider and two bullet graphics, all in pink roses. This is a very nice set, not too heavy with graphics, and fairly simple in appearance, so it doesn't take away from your content. The sample page shows how you can use the set.
But you can use as much or as little of the other accessory graphics as you like.

This set is linkware for all users, personal or commercial, and requires no user license. You must, however, link back to my web site from all pages using any graphic from this set. You have the option of using the provided link button or a text link.

Click the screenshot on this page and enter the provided username and password. It will open a new window with the sample page and the download link. Close the window when you're done to return to the previous page.

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