Saturday, April 29, 2006

Visitor 9500!

Hey, as I predicted, visitor 9500 came by before the end of, in fact.

While this visitor is recorded as 9502, I tripped the counter
accidentally twice this month and added to the count so this visitor really is 9500. If I count the visitor tripping the counter at 9500, it would be boring to report because that visitor was Inktomi Search.

Anyway, this visitor uses an ISP whose address I won't divulge and I don't know exactly where there are, but they are somewhere in North America. They are using a computer with Windows 98 installed and IE 6 as their browser. They were looking for some linkware and found Set 131 - I Don't Believe in Time. Their total time here was 4 minutes, 35 seconds. They were good and looked at the Terms of Use page. *pats on back*

Cool! Hope that the set was of interest and they come back to download it.

So here's to the end of April! Wishing lots of visitors next month and see my first 10k visitor.

Friday, April 28, 2006

New Web Page Graphic Set!

Just as I promised, the latest web page graphic set was uploaded today. Today's release is called Aqua Gel and was made purely with Paint Shop Pro 7. It's another one of those sets I started last year and never got around to finishing until this week. Check it out on the Simple Table Sets page.

In looking at the other unfinished sets, I decided to move a few of them out of the non-exclusive side to the exclusive side. That means that I will be offering those sets to just one of you. No one else in the world will have that set because it will be sold to only one party, first come, first served. Of course, if someone takes the graphics from your web site, then it will be around elsewhere. But that's stealing. As with the non-exclusive sets I give away for a link back to Arride Graphics, the copyrights to these sets remain with me and with any third-party whose photos or graphics I use with their permission.

When will the exclusive sets come out? I don't know right now. I do hope to start releasing them sometime this year, though.

So take a trip to my web site and check out the latest set and the other graphics I offer. Maybe you'd like a new desktop wallpaper? Those are my most popular graphics!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

New Background Tile!

Hey there! Just uploaded the newest background tile which I call Sierra Granite, because that's just what it is. The tile is made from a photo I took of a granite rock up at Lake Tahoe, California, which is in the Sierra Nevada range. Although I tried making it seamless, you can tell it isn't quite so. Nonetheless, you should not use this background tile alone for your web pages. Please use a solid-colored tile or color designation in a table or content box so that your text can be seen.

In a departure from the usual, I've created a sample page so that you can see how it looks tiled. My notes, which are similar to what I've said here, are included.

So head on over to the Patterned Tiles page 3 and check it out!

Also, I may be releasing another set on Friday and that will be all for April.

Monday, April 24, 2006

Outage Again

My web site was out last night (Sunday 23rd) between 10:17 and 11:15 pm PDT but I couldn't report it because Blogger was not available. Less than one hour so not too much to worry about.

Also, at the rate visitors are coming to Arride Graphics, I expect to see visitor number 9500 before the end of April. Nice way to start May!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

About the Desktop Wallpapers

(from the Linkware page at Arride Graphics)

I have noticed people looking for web page backgrounds and sets wander over to the desktop wallpaper pages. The desktop wallpapers are meant to be installed on your computer's desktop, not as web page backgrounds.

Your computer's desktop is the image on your screen after you log in. That's where your shortcut icons to your installed programs and your system are located. The wallpaper is the background image. Because the image is one piece, many of the wallpapers are very large in size, meaning as far as kilobytes and megabytes are concerned.

If you use these on web pages, the pages will load very, very slowly, as you notice when you try to download them. If they load that slow for you, imagine how slowly they will load for your visitors if you use them as web page backgrounds. That will really annoy them and drive them away, never to return to your web site again. Not good. So please do not use desktop wallpapers for web pages. Enjoy them on your computer.

If you find a desktop wallpaper appealing enough to want to use something like that for a web site, please contact me and I will consider making a web set or just a similar background for download.

Saturday, April 15, 2006


An outage lasting less than one hour occurred on Saturday, April 15, beginning approximately 10:18 a.m. PDT and until 11:16 a.m. PDT.

Monday, April 10, 2006

New! A Set and A Wallpaper

As I promised last month, a new set is released today and a new desktop wallpaper, too.

The set is called "Wish You Were Here" and features a dream-like photo of two lonely, empty lounge chairs on a tropical beach just waiting for you and your honey to sit in them. If you're sick and tired of the rain and snow like I am, here's your set to make a sunny web site for your summer vacation photos, of your paradise home, your travel web site, if you're a travel pro, or whatever's your fancy. See and click the thumbnail on the Top Headers page for more.

The latest desktop wallpaper is one I've been enjoying on my own computer's desktop now. It's a detail of the largest pillar of the Eagle Nebula. You've probably seen NASA's full photo taken by the Hubble Telescope before of the Eagle Nebula with its three pillars of gases and dust. The Eagle Nebula is also called M16. Read more about this fantastic nebula at NASA's GRIN web page. To download one of three sizes of the Eagle Nebula Detail, see the Wallpapers 2 page.

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Visitor 9000!

Been asleep again, but not for long. This time I "caught" the visitor only one day behind.

Visitor number 9000 uses Verizon Internet and Windows XP with the Mozilla browser
. He or she was looking for spring web borders graphic but apparently didn't find it on my site. :-( They got as far as the top border backgrounds page and looked no further. Too bad.

Maybe it was just too late to look as it was just after 9 p.m. their time in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Hopefully they bookmarked the site for further viewing when they have the time.

Thanks for visiting, anyway, and hope you come back later!