Friday, May 18, 2007

New! Sunset Kaleidoscope Web Page Graphic Set

As promised on Wednesday this week, a complete nested tables set using the same kaleidoscope graphic as on the top border and side border backgrounds. The set comes with 10 background tiles to mix-and-match, a bullet and a page divider. The colors are oranges and shades of brown. Very earthy.

I'm not going to chat too much today as I'm going to a baseball game tonight and really need a nap. So go to the sample page to view the graphics and layout, then download the zip file. If you think you'd like to make sure no one else (or very few other people) grabs this set, click the Kagi link on the page to buy the non-exclusive license now.

Set 214 - Sunset Kaleidoscope

Be sure to enter the username and password provided.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Two New Web Page Background Graphics!

Featuring an orange and tan kaleidoscope border on the side or the top, these two background graphics will make your web pages pop! I started this background from a funky sunset photograph that I cropped and then applied a kaleidoscope filter over and over again until I got the graphic that I liked. Then I sampled parts of the kaleidoscope to get the light-colored background used for the rest of the graphic. The first background made was the top border in 100x3000 pixels. I turned this graphic 90 degrees and cropped it narrower to create the side border background.

The top border background sample page shows a fictitious company's main page just to show you how the border incorporates the company's name which I made as a .gif with a transparent background. You can do the same or leave the border area blank and start your content below it. Since the border is only 100 pixels wide, in the side border background I made the text smaller at 10 points so that the links would just fit. I also added margins of zero width to make the table hug the left side more closely.

Enough chatter about these two graphics. View and click on the thumbnail images to get the sample pages where you can proceed to download the graphic. The sample pages will open in a new window after you enter the username and password provided.

Sunset Kaleidoscope Top Border
Sunset Kaleidoscope Side Border

Also coming later this week is a nested tables set using the same kaleidoscope graphic as a tile and some background tiles in colors sampled from the image.

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Two New Desktop Wallpapers Featuring Whitewater Rafting!

One of them is actually June's calendar wallpaper. Springtime usually signals the start of the commercial whitewater rafting season out here in California, so that's the inspiration for these two desktop wallpapers. Both are created from photos that I took many springs ago and gussied up with Paint Shop Pro 7 or PSP and Virtual Painter.

A little more information about the photos: These show whitewater rafters from two different companies on the North Fork Yuba River near Downieville, California. This is the class IV lower section
below Son of Maytag rapid (IV) that's run from Goodyears Bar to the Fiddle Creek campground. (Maytag rapid is the only class V rapid on this run.) The river runs next to the highway for the most part and that's where I was standing while I took these photos with my trusty little Pentax ME Super film camera with zoom lens.

The set, "Kayaker's Delight," is on the same river, but I used only the photos of the kayakers who were going down the same time as the rafters to create the set.

Go to the fourth wallpapers page to download the desktop wallpapers in one of four available sizes.

For more information about rafting California rivers:

California Whitewater Rafting
Total Escape

Whitewater rafting companies featured in the wallpapers:

Beyond Limits
Whitewater Voyages

I've rafted with both of these companies and they are great!

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