Tuesday, June 05, 2012

A Glitch

Wondering what happened to me and Arride Graphics? Well, I've been around but agonizing and procrastinating over the loss of use of my primary computer where my graphics, webpage builder and websites are stored. I had no backup for the graphics and sites either "in the cloud" or an external hard drive. Bad move.

So when my hard drive crashed, I was left with very little. I tried resolving the problem myself, but I think it's beyond my capabilities and patience. I'll have to turn it over to the pros. In the meantime, I got a new notebook 'puter with which to start from scratch. Frankly, I'd rather play online games than think about trying to reproduce everything in this new 'puter.

But and so: But I want to continue making web graphics and desktop wallpapers for Arride Graphics. So, after I get the procrastinating bug out of MY system, I'll try to see if the downed computer can be fixed, if not at least recover the files contained regardless of monetary cost.

Also, I bought a new webpage builder which means a new learning curve to deal with, so that's another hurdle. Thus, you may or may not see new stuff in the coming months and the new site remodel I mentioned last year.

Thanks for reading this blog and for your patience.