Tuesday, May 31, 2005

New Set!

I uploaded a new linkware webpage set today, Set 143 Beach & Sky Kaleidoscope. It's the third set using frames with peaceful and serene colors. The navigation uses JavaScript rollovers, but you can use just the "off" buttons for non-scripted menu links or plain text links instead. All of the graphics and the rollover menu script are zipped together for your convenience. It can be purchased for a semi-exclusive license fee which will remove it from circulation (downloads).

Also, as I mentioned previously, I'm now offering downloads of PC and Mac versions of the font, "Trash," by Disturbed Type on the Resources page. Matt Petty, for whatever reasons, is quitting his web site and has his domain name up for sale. All of his fonts are now in the public domain.

My baseball team won their game yesterday in the 11th inning and stopped, at least temporarily, their losing streak. Can't be a fair-weather fan, now can we? The fireworks after the game was spectacular, too!

Friday, May 27, 2005

The Hardest Part...

In creating a web page set is finding the right font. I spent the better part of the afternoon looking at a few font archive sites and a type foundry for the font to use with a frames set I want to release before the end of the month. I found a few and downloaded a lot, but I'm not sure which one to use yet.

You want the font you choose to convey the mood or the theme of the set. Deciding whether or not it should be a script or serif or sans serif or even a grungy font takes me awhile. Sometimes a set will "tell" me what the font should be; sometimes not. Sometimes I look at tons of fonts before deciding on one. The one thing I don't have installed on my computer is a type manager. It's software that will show the fonts I have using a sample of the font so that I can compare them.

Well, I got tired of looking at fonts so I headed over to one of my favorite games site and wasted away the rest of the afternoon. So much for working on the set.

When I get the set uploaded or maybe even before then, there will be another downloadable font on my site. It seems that Disturbed Type will be closing its site sometime soon and the creator, Matt Petty, is offering his fonts as public domain. What that means is I can now offer his fonts for download myself. His fonts have always been usable for personal or commercial projects, but it was free linkware. It's a shame he's taking down his shingle. Another original foundry bites the dust.

The font I'll offer for download is "Trash" and it's available in both PC TTF (.zip file) and for the Mac (.hqx file). "Trash" is used on the double border set, "Devon Rocks." Look for the font download on the Resources page soon.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Previously Posted News

May 12, 2005 - Just uploaded two new top edge background graphics, one with sunflowers on green basketweave border and the other is a pastel plaid border. I've also created a new tutorial on using the top edge backgrounds in frames to keep the border statically-placed on top of the page. You'll find the link to that on the top border graphics blurb.

Welcome to A.G.'s Blog!

I'm trying out this blog at Blogspot for now, but may change it to my server if I get any negative feedback about this host or if I feel like not hosting it there any more. My reservations are with the bar at the top of this blog. I had a negative experience with it going to a family-unfriendly blog. I have no control over which blog appears if you press the "next blog" button, so be forewarned. If I hosted this blog myself, there will be no Blogger bar and no surprise visits to an x-rated site.

So anyway, getting back to my site the site status will be published off-site as well as here. I'll also use this to post the latest news about the site and talk a little more about the new graphics I put up. I may also use this to just chat about anything else related to graphics, fonts, and webpage building. Sounds good? I hope so.

Like my other two blogs, I may not post consistently. I'm not too keen on putting myself on a strict schedule. I let the muse hit me first, so my postings may be spaced out by days or even a week.

So there you go. Another place on my site to visit. If you feel like posting comments, you can do so without being a Blogspot or Blogger member. I do appreciate feedback, even negative ones, but I hope they're mostly positive.

Thanks for checking out my graphics!