Friday, October 24, 2008

Coordinated Web Page Graphic Set and Desktop Wallpaper

This latest graphic set and desktop wallpaper are created from a photo I took a few summers ago of some koi fish swimming in a resort hotel's garden pond. The photo was treated to some artistic, silkscreen rendering with Paint Shop Pro. It gives the resulting image an abstract look without rendering the fish unrecognizable.

Initially, I made this photo into a web page graphics set with a top header for my own use. Then when I decided to distribute this at Arride Graphics, I wondered if the entire altered photo would look nice as a desktop wallpaper. I think it does. So there you go!

To view and download the web page graphic set, please go to the Top Headers page.

To view and download the desktop wallpaper in one of four sizes, go to page five of the Wallpapers section.

These two graphic offerings complete my releases for the month of October.

Start at the main page to see what other graphics are offered at Arride Graphics.

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Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Arachnophobic: A Top Border Background

Here's a new top border background suitable for the upcoming Halloween Friday, a personal page or maybe a science page about spiders. The spiders sit at about the 100 pixel line from the top but still provide plenty of space for your header information, such as your website's name or maybe even a small banner ad. The graphic's total size is 100X3000 pixels so there's a lot of space for your content before the spider border repeats itself.

Interested? Well then, go to the fourth page of the Top Border backgrounds to find the thumbnail for the download. You'll need the username and password info found on that page to get to the download page. The download link opens a new window.

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Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Shades of Gray Background Tiles

Today I'm releasing some background tiles in shades of gray to complete (maybe) the first page of the solid color tiles. The four existing tiles were a bit lonely without more grays. So I added four more.

Hopefully, someone will find some use for these tiles.

To view and download the new tiles, go to page 1 of the solid color tiles section.

Also, in light of my missing releases in September, I'll offer a new/ old set and a new desktop wallpaper this month. Boy, is it hard to get back into the swing of things after returning home from vacation!

Check out some existing webpage backgrounds, too, in the Halloween spirit on the following pages: