Wednesday, December 05, 2007

New, Wintry Desktop Wallpaper: SnowTree

Here's an alternative desktop wallpaper to the December calendar. It's a snow-covered tree, a leafless one at that, that I photographed a year or two ago. I applied Virtual Painter's Pointillism effect in Paint Shop Pro which gives the photo a complementary snowy effect. The cool blues and purples of this image chill - just the feeling you get when you walk outside on a crisp winter morning and forgot to put on your ear muffs and scarf.

Download one of four sizes of SnowTree on the fourth Wallpapers page and enjoy.

This is absolutely the last graphic I'll be releasing this year. I've got a ton of maintenance work to do on my web site in anticipation of the new year (wow, it's almost 2008?).

While you're on the wallpapers page, do check out the other offerings on the site as well. Maybe you haven't started a web page yet, but see what's available. Looking around might spark your interest; if not a web site, then a social-networking page perhaps?

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Monday, December 03, 2007

New Background Tile

Alrighty! In keeping with the wintry theme, here's another snowflake background tile you can play with. Created from a Microsoft Wingding, this background tile can be used on web pages or your computer's desktop. The sample pages offer different ways you can use this tile on web pages. Go to the patterned tiles page 5 for more information and the download.

Note: the thumbnail image above is just a sample at 60% of full size. The full size 100x100 pixel graphic is more detailed.

(Edit 12/5/07: Thumbnail image removed due to someone in Florida thinking that was the download.)

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