Thursday, April 19, 2007

Earth Day Desktop Wallpaper

In honor of Earth Day, I've modified one of my favorite desktop wallpapers created with two photos of our planet from NASA's Visible Earth web site. Our planet is often referred to as "The Blue Marble" due to its resemblance to marbles. For this wallpaper, I've replaced the "blue marble" reference for some terms in honor of Earth Day.

Some of the common experiences astronauts and cosmonauts expressed have been the feeling of awe, humility and respect for the planet that is our home. While geopolitical turmoil, personal drama, natural disasters and more make us forget where we are, seeing it from the vantage point of space shows us how beautiful and fragile it really is.

The Earth is our only true home. We really cannot live anywhere else without help from mechanical, electronic or other artificial means. Despite all the space exploration stuff and sci-fi stories, there's no place else that humans and the other creatures and living things we share this planet with are meant to live. So it is imperative that we respect and protect our home.

What are you doing for Earth Day and every day?

You will find the Earth Day desktop wallpaper on the 2nd wallpapers page.

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

New Top Border (Sort Of) Backgrounds!

Thought I'd get the snowflake background graphic out of the way to remind us that we are in spring now. And now for something completely different. Here are the gradients!

These backgrounds are way lighter in color than the names suggest, and they really aren't strict top borders per se. But they are gradients nonetheless. All of them -- black, blue, green, orange, red and wine -- are 50x3000 pixels. So there's lots of room for lengthy content per page. If you want, you can use different colors for different subjects on your web site or blog. These backgrounds make great backdrops for other graphics you'd want to put on your page, such as photos.

Since all of these colors blend into white, do not use white as your text color. Black works fine for all, even the black gradient background which really looks more gray than black.

Anyway, go to the third top border backgrounds page for the thumbnail samples and link to the full download pages. All open up to new windows. Be sure to use the provided username and password.

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Calendar Desktop Wallpaper for May!

While this is way ahead of schedule, I need to put this up now before I find myself having no time to do it.

For the month of May I chose one of my photos of some purple wildflowers (sorry, I'm not that botanically minded so I don't know the name of these pretty flowers!) The photo was treated to Virtual Painter's watercolor filter and covered with a sheer white layer to really soften it.

The font I chose this month is called "Steinem" by Apostrophe of Apostrophic Labs. While the web site no longer exists, you can find this font as well as the entire catalogue at Another source of most of the Apostrophic Labs' fonts is Typoasis.

To download or install May's desktop wallpaper, go to the fourth page of the Wallpapers section and click on the link for the size you want. This month we have four sizes to choose from. Cool, eh?

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