Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Double Delight: Desktop Wallpaper & Background Tiles

Today's offerings are December's Desktop Wallpaper and Snowflakes Background Tiles! I haven't done background tiles in awhile, so what better timing than now and with a pattern that's popular at this time of the year. So is the image used in this month's desktop wallpaper: red berries, green foliage and snow.

The image for the desktop wallpaper comes from a photographer whose nickname on the web site, Image Temple, is Raistlin. It's a pretty picture that I left untouched other than putting those translucent boxes for the calendar. The font used on the calendar is called Girls Are Weird created by Robot Johnny AKA John Martz. Download a desktop wallpaper now in one of four sizes.

The background tiles were created using the dingbat font, Snowflake, from type foundry P22. I created the tiles with Paint Shop Pro, first making the "full strength" tile, then adding some translucent layers of white to create the two "faded" tiles. The sample page shows how you can use all three tiles with nested tables. You don't have to do that on your web pages; use just one tile or two tiles. View and download the snowflakes background tile now. By the way, these tiles can also be used on your desktop. Just set a tile as desktop wallpaper and make sure you indicate that it should be tiled, not stretched or centered.

The desktop wallpaper calendar is the last for this year and forever. As I mentioned in an earlier post, I will not be making these any more for the public. I hope that those of you who downloaded the previous months enjoyed them as I did.

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