Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Three New Desktop Wallpapers!

I have to confess that these have been sitting around in my 'puter for probably the past year. Sometimes I make things and let them "age" a bit. You know, sort of like what you do with red wine. Sometimes they come out better; sometimes not. I hope these wallpapers are well-aged.

The first one I call "Mexican Sunrise" although initially I called it "Mexican Sunset." I believe the former is correct, because I recall getting up early one day in our hotel room in Puerto Vallarta and watching the sun rise as the workers began coming in for their shift. You can see a little bit of the mountains surrounding the city through the fronds of the palm trees near the room. It was my first trip to Mexico and a really interesting one. Some parts of it reminded me of California, especially when we went on a bus ride through the countryside to a treetop zip ride excursion in the mountains. Anyway, I digress.

The second wallpaper I call "Color Bump." It comes from experimenting with some of the features in Paint Shop Pro. Kind of fun to play around with things in the software program. This is nice because it is just colors on your desktop. Bright and cheery, I think, not to mention a little psychedelic.

The third wallpaper is just as colorful and I call it "Wild Colored Bubbles." Again, it comes from experimenting with Paint Shop Pro, this time with tubes. I just let the mouse go wild with a bubble tube. Maybe not for adults but certainly nice for a kid's computer.

You can see all of these new desktop wallpapers on page three of the wallpapers section. You can also access them from the main page of the site.

This is it for March. I do have a set in the works and I will release it next month. Promise!

Monday, March 20, 2006

Who Is This? Or How Not to Use the Graphics

Going through my Sitemeter stats today, I found an entry for a page that is not mine on someone's desktop (again!) Obviously, someone is using either a background graphic or a background graphic from a set with my HTML code fully intact with my Sitemeter code and viewing it on their desktop.

While I do not mind people copying the layout from a sample page, you really must delete my text and my Sitemeter code from the page. If you do not know how to do that, don't use the code. Start from scratch with your own HTML editor.

What is also disturbing is that this person may be viewing a pornographic web page either saved from the 'net or he/she is the one who created that horrible page. That would be in direct violation of my Terms of Use. Section 8: It is absolutely forbidden to use any piece of the linkware collection or any of the bits-and-pieces within pages promoting child abuse, hate, bigotry, racism, animal abuse and/or illegal or legal pornographic activities."

I have taken screenshots and printed out the pages from my Sitemeter stats and from my search on Google for this page. While the page name is not exactly the same, it is easy enough to change the filename within the directory where the file is stored on the computer.

Edit: It appears that this visitor is using the set for legitimate purposes but I wish he or she would remove my Sitemeter code now. They are also using my page name and adding number 1, 2, etc. on subsequent pages of their site. That is why I thought what I did in the stricken paragraph above. I'm somewhat relieved now. I'd hate having to take legal action; it'd be such a mess.

Visitor 8500

Forgot to mention the stats for visitor number 8500 yesterday.

Actually, the visit occurred on March 11 so I'm late again with this report. He or she comes from near Euless, Texas using a computer with Windows XP and IE 6. They used Google to look for interface sets and were disappointed to find only one on my site (alas!) so they didn't stay long.

Sorry about that. I do have some interface sets in the works, but nothing near being released yet. I have spring on my mind so that's what's coming out next.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

March Update

Hey there! Unbelievable how time flies when you're very busy. I'm glad I was productive last month, because I'm not this month. I've been busy with a home remodel, so this weekend was the only time I could work on anything. I've started a vacation-oriented set and hope it will be completed and released before the month is out. I will post details of the set on the release date, so come back here or check back at the web site.

I don't know about you but I'm ready for spring and summer!

Friday, March 03, 2006


Recorded on March 1 for less than one hour.