Thursday, February 26, 2009

New Desktop: Wallpaper: Waterfall

Every winter I go through the same thing -- I get tired of gray skies and rain, even when it (rain) is a good thing. Like last month's desktop wallpaper offering, this one is green and wet and fresh but hopeful of the coming spring.

I have on my desktop a wallpaper from the National Geographic website. National Geographic publications are known for their fantastic photographs and photographers. This one I have is of a cascading stream with moss-covered, overhanging trees and branches, some with icicles even. If not a winter scene, it is probably early spring. The photograph is by Nick Feller, an amateur photographer who contributed the image on their Your Shot (now called My Shot) page in December 2007.

While I love that image, I wanted one sans the icicles. So I scoured a couple of my favorite stock photo sites for something similar. I finally settled on the image you see on the wallpaper. It comes from I'm not sure of the attribution because the download page really doesn't state who took the photograph. Anyway, rather than keeping the wallpaper to myself, I decided to offer it to you as well.

I paired the photo with an apt quote by Anne Morrow Lindbergh from The font I used is Lucida Calligraphy.

To view and download the desktop wallpaper, go to the fifth wallpapers page. There are four sizes to choose from. Download the size that most closely corresponds to your monitor's resolution. And remember, these are not meant for use on webpages.

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