Friday, January 30, 2009

New Desktop Wallpaper: Flowers and Rain

Here in California we're finding out that we may be facing a drought this summer due to the scarce snowfall in the Sierra Nevada mountains this winter. We rely on the runoff from the snowpack to fill our reservoirs, if not the rains. So with that on my mind, and me being tired of the cold, I look to spring flowers to cheer us up with this latest desktop wallpaper.

The flower and rain photograph comes from my favorite source,, and it was created by delboysafa whose real name is Derek Nutley. The quote I chose for the desktop wallpaper is by Rachel Carson which I got from The Quote Garden.

The wallpapers come in four sizes (resolutions) and can be downloaded on the fifth desktop wallpapers page. Choose the size that closely corresponds to your monitor's resolution and save the wallpaper from the popup download window. Save it to your desktop directly or save it to your downloads folder in your hard drive. Brief directions are on the popup download window.

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