Thursday, March 17, 2016

More Bad News and Procrastination

My dad did not beat lung cancer. He passed away in August 2014, 14 months after my mom's passing and two years since he was diagnosed.

Those two years were the roughest I have ever experienced.

So, even though 2015 should have been the year to follow up on recovering the funky hard drive on my XP laptop, I fell to depression and inertia. I couldn't even write in any of my blogs until January of this year.

I've thought about the graphics and the website often. I really need to update a lot of things. But the new website builder software I bought is too different from what I was using. I don't have the necessary ability to concentrate and to be patient with myself to learn something new right now.

Excuses, excuses! Yup.

I really miss my parents...