Thursday, December 21, 2006

New Double Border Background Graphic!

"Snowflake" is the latest double border background I'm offering this year. It's not a set, just the page background graphic. (There are other snowflake background graphics as well as a set at Arride Graphics to check out.) This one has a light blue border background on two sides with a single style white snowflake. You can use this background graphic on a winter sports page, a holiday page or a general web page.

I made the snowflake using a dingbat font called "Snow" from the P22 font foundry. It was a freebie giveaway and you can get the font too.

All details about the background graphic as well as the dingbat font can be found on the sample page. Go to the Double Border Backgrounds page to view the thumbnail image and sample page link. Be sure to use the username and password on that page after you click on the thumbnail image.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Site Changes for 2007

Besides a change of look for this site, I will be implementing new policy changes with regard to the linkware web page graphics offered. I will also begin offering an exclusive set once a month.

The change in the policy for the linkware web page graphics include making the linkware sets free of charge for all, whether the intended use is for personal, non-profit, commercial or professional web sites. The backgrounds only graphics will also be free of charge to all. Background tiles have always been free, so there is no change with that. Everyone still will be required to provide a link back to Arride Graphics with either the provided link graphic or a text link. All copyrights will still belong to me and/ or to anyone whose art or photo I use.

Those linkware web page graphic sets that are available for purchase on a non-exclusive basis will still have the same fees as before: $15 per set per site for personal and non-profit use and $35 per set per site for commercial or professional use. This is per site not per page. You can use the graphics on web sites with one to 100 or more pages; the fee is the same. Copyrights are as described above and linking back will be required.

With regard to the exclusive sets, right now I plan to charge between $150-$300 for each set, regardless of its intended use whether personal, non-profit, commercial or professional. The fee and fee range may change at any time. Copyrights are as described above and linking back is optional.

I am also looking to add another payment processor, most likely PayPal, so that you have another option besides Kagi (whose name means "key" in Japanese but they're not a Japanese company; a little trivia FYI).

All of the above changes will be rolled out in the first quarter of 2007, barring any issues with software, hardware or otherwise.

Other Page Links:

Terms of Use
Privacy Policy
Linkware portal page

Above pages show current information not 2007 information.

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