Tuesday, January 16, 2007

This 'n' That

Today, I'm just going to ramble. I've had a bad cold with the works since the weekend and I'm now just beginning to feel a little better. And I really don't feel like working hard on any graphics today.

I was checking out some stats on this blog and noticed that someone was looking for linkware with fishing boats. They found my blog post about the boat near Skagway, Alaska, wallpaper, but for some reason Goggle search did not list the actual post, which happened on September 5, 2006. So all the person got to was the main page of this blog that only has the most recent blog posts. I don't know where the problem lies since I recall most posts are searchable in Google by post date/ title.

Then I got to thinking, the wallpaper image really could make a nice header web page graphics set. That's getting off on a different tangent. Or maybe not.

Anyway, when I go through the stats page for Arride Graphics, sometimes I get ideas for the next web page set or desktop wallpaper. Just by viewing what people are looking for. Maybe the graphics won't be for the person who was searching, but it could be for the next person who's searching for the same thing. It can happen.

Also, I've amended the template for this blog by reversing the order of the archives so that the most recent month is on top. That may have helped the boat-linkware-seeking person, maybe.

Lastly, I mentioned previously that I'd stop reporting on the milestone visitors. That was a mistake. It will continue. I said awhile ago (last year?) that I'd stop reporting on my web host's downtime. Overall, my web host has been pretty good with uptime (97-99%). That's why I'll stop reporting it.

Friday, January 12, 2007

New Spacey Desktop Wallpaper!

I really spaced out today, literally. I mentioned on Wednesday this wallpaper will debut today and I forgot to upload it until I saw something else. Well anyway, here it is.

It is an image, actually multiple images on the left side,
of Star V838 Monocerotis. I obtained this public domain image from the HubbleSite.org. Here's the blurb accompanying this image:

"The red supergiant star in the center of this image brightened suddenly for several weeks in 2002, illuminating dust that may have been ejected from the star during a previous explosion."

Awesome! And so are the desktop wallpapers I made of this photo. Three sizes to download from the Wallpapers II page. Choose one size which will open up in a new window. Large images, so be patient while it loads in your browser window.

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Visitor 12500!

I knew this person was coming but I didn't know how soon.

This visitor comes from Escondido, California
, on January 9 using a Windows XP computer and surfing with Internet Explorer 6.0. He or she was using the MSN search engine looking for floral wallpaper and found the Big Orange Flower. But I guess it wasn't the right flower.

Better luck next site... Thanks for dropping by anyway and keep us in your bookmarks.

(Did I say I wasn't going to report these anymore? Well, the next milestone will be the last I promise.)

I will announce the latest desktop wallpaper on Friday.