Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cool New Patterned Background Tiles!

I don't know why these weren't offered back in 2005 when I made them, but here they are now. (Kind of like finding clothes in the back of your closet you forgot you had.) These are freeform, patterned background tiles to use on your web pages or your desktop for a very wild look. Count 'em: 12.

Like the ones on the page and the pages before it, these were created using Sausage Software's Reptile. Some colors were tweaked from the original patterns; others were cropped. All of the names are mine and I've written the tile name below each download sample. As for three of the tiles, I don't remember why I named them as I named them. So those will remain enigmatic.

Go on and check out the background tiles now, located on the "B" and "C" pages of the Freeform Designs page.

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Monday, July 07, 2008

New Balloonz Web Page Graphic Set!

I missed my self-imposed June deadline for releasing something new, and I feel a wee bit bad about that. But not so much because I've been enjoying baseball in the meantime.

On to the new graphics: This latest set is called "Balloonz." It's a double-border looking set composed of three graphics to use in a table to create the look. It's a fun set suitable for a child's web page or web site, a birthday web page for any age, or any fun page or site you can think of. The set comes with the three table graphics and three more background tiles to use as you wish in your page design. Accessories include two bullets, two page header graphics and a page divider.

In a break from the past, you can now download individual pieces of the set from a separate page or you can download the zip file as before. All graphics for this set, whether obtained from the download page or the zip file, must be saved to your computer's hard drive or your transloader space, if you're a WebTV user. There is no direct-linking or hot-linking allowed.

So now, go to the preview page for this set on the Double Border Sets page. Enjoy using this set!