Wednesday, June 07, 2006

New Baseball-Themed Set!

What I taketh away, I bringeth back. Baseball on my mind, this new set combines my photo of a pro ball team (without showing who) and some clipart graphics made from dingbat fonts.

Oh phooey! I just remembered I didn't watch today's game. Argh! That's what happens when you're busy trying to release a set. (Just a quick peek at the team's web site to see what happened.) Oh shoot! It's happening right now -- top of the 8th! Gotta post this quick.

So if you're a big fan of baseball, download this set and try it out. Lots of graphics but no pre-printed nav buttons -- sorry -- so you can create a really cool fan web site or blog.

Check it out here. It's called -- ta-da! -- Play Ball!

Ooh, I just noticed they're behind big time. Argh!!!

And ooh, I almost forgot -- Happy birthday honey bunch! XOXOXO


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