Tuesday, March 31, 2009

New Desktop Wallpaper: Monarch Butterflies (and a Ladybug)

Last offering for March is a desktop wallpaper featuring a couple of monarch butterflies and a teeny red ladybug atop some plants (I think they're sage plants but I could be wrong -- I'm no gardener nor a botanist). The photograph comes from the morguefile.com and was taken by member beglib.

We're into over a week of spring now and I felt like doing something with some harbingers of spring, like butterflies. I haven't come across a photograph of a robin yet or other birds that have struck my fancy. I like the butterflies. There's usually a ton of them swarming to Pacific Grove, California, on their migrations to and from Mexico. Read more about them at wikipedia.org.

As usual, the wallpapers come in four sizes to fit most monitor resolutions. Choose the link to the size you want to download and a new window opens up. Follow the directions for downloading the wallpaper either to your desktop (set as wallpaper) or to your downloads folder in your hard drive (save as...). The wallpapers are not meant to be used on webpages. The Terms of Use applies to the wallpapers you get from Arride Graphics. Please be sure to read it.

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